Meet Our Members


We have 32 studios which are private or semi private.  Members having studios have a key to our facility and can work anytime during the day or night ; 24 hours a day access.  We have other members who are  "members at large."  They have access to the entire facility during open hours.  We have a very eclectic group ranging in age and experience.  Currently we have 55 members who work in our facility.  We pride ourselves on having a very open studio where members share and help one another.  


Studio 1     Martha & Marie

Studio 2     Marcy

Studio 3     Cookie & Shelly

Studio 4     Ipek & Marie Tey

Studio 5      Amy & Deborah

Studio 6       Alan

Studio 7       Kim

Studio 8    Hannah &    Kendall

Studio 9   Marc &   Katheryn

Studio 10   Debbie

Studio 11    Todd, Sonja, Pat, Tina, Cristy

Studio 12    Mary Jane

Studio 13    Lauren

Studio 14    Ester

Studio 15    Amy

Studio 16    Debbie

Studio 17    Mike

Studio 18    Gary & Julie

Studio 19    Tom & Nicole

Studio 20    Carol

Studio 21     Dora & Jenny

Studio 22    Jason, Eric, Sgrid

Studio 23    Mick

Studio 24     Sam

Studio 25     Terry & Bronwyn, Leslie, Remata

Studio 26      Valerie, Mary

Studio 27      Lyn

Studio 28      Sally

Studio 29     Roseanne   

Studio 30    Sharon

Studio 31      Wilson

members work may been in our gallery page.