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2010 1st Avenue South, St Petersburg, FL 33712, US

(727) 439-8522


Meet Our Members



We have 32 studios which are private or semi private.  Members having studios have a key to our facility and can work anytime during the day or night ; 24 hours a day access.  We have other members who are  "members at large."  They have access to the entire facility during open hours.  We have a very eclectic group ranging in age and experience.  Currently we have 55 members who work in our facility.  We pride ourselves on having a very open studio where members share and help one another.  


Studio 1     Martha & Marie

Studio 2     Marcy

Studio 3     Cookie & Shelly

Studio 4     Ipek & Marie Tey

Studio 5      Amy & Deborah

Studio 6       Alan

Studio 7       Sonja

Studio 8      Hannah &    Kendall

Studio 9     Marc &   Katheryn

Studio 10   Sam

Studio 11    Todd, , Pat, Tina, Carolyn

Studio 12    Mary Jane

Studio 13    Lauren/ Tina

Studio 14    Ester

Studio 15    Amy

Studio 16    Debbie

Studio 17    Mike

Studio 18    Gary & Julie

Studio 19   Ted

Studio 20    Carol

Studio 21     Dora & Jenny

Studio 22    Jason, Eric, Sgrid

Studio 23    Mick

Studio 24    Nicole M.

Studio 25     Terry & Bronwyn, Leslie

Studio 26      Jeffery,  Mary

Studio 27      Lyn

Studio 28      Sally, Janet

Studio 29     Roseanne   

Studio 30    Sharon, Kari 

Studio 31      Wilson

members work may been in our gallery page.